We are specialist funeral directors, providing an up to date service which meets the expectations of today’s society, but still maintains the traditional values of sympathetic help and advice.

Farthing Funeral Service 1892

About Us

Today we are a family run firm with a strong belief in the principle of caring for the individual needs of families – your family is being looked after by our family.

The roots of the business go back to 1840 when Edward S Singleton started out in business on Woodbridge Road in Ipswich.

Hastings & Son was established in the town in 1876, but the business began to evolve into what we know today when the two were united in 1975, to become known as Singleton & Hastings, under the leadership of the Farthing family whose involvement, initially in Felixstowe, stemmed from 1950.

To learn more and understand how Farthing Funeral Service became what it is today you can download our brochure.

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