We keep detailed and careful notes of all your conclusions so that we can accurately implement your wishes to make the decision making easier.


It is a privilege to be entrusted with the care of funeral arrangements. We are pleased to offer a complete funeral service and we can advise you on the process of arranging a funeral and the various options available.

When someone has died the first action you need to take is to contact us. We are always available to talk to on the telephone, whatever time of the day or night you call.

If death occurred at home or in a nursing home, and you wish your loved one to be moved to our Funeral Home, we can do so once the doctor or other health professional has given permission for us to do so. If death occurred in hospital then we can only move the person once the registration has been completed.

Usually we will arrange to meet you to discuss your requirements for the funeral, either in your own home or at one of our offices, whichever is more convenient to you. In some circumstances, when there is a distance involved, this conversation may take place over the telephone. Some families feel ready to discuss details of the funeral service immediately, others feel the need to gather their thoughts for a couple of days first. It is perfectly acceptable to take your time at this stage.

To ensure that we organise everything according to your wishes there are naturally a number of decisions you will need to make.

We believe that it is important to feel able to make the way you say farewell to one you love as individual and personal as you choose. This can be a simple or involved occasion. As funeral directors it is our role to enable the family to make informed choices about the funeral. We then gather your instructions together and ensure that all the arrangements run smoothly. At all times we are sensitive to your wishes concerning the form and style of the funeral.

We keep detailed and careful notes of all your conclusions so that we can accurately implement your wishes, or prompt further decisions where necessary.

Where arrangements require the completion of forms or documents to authorise procedures we will assist in their completion and explain to you what is involved.


The Choice of Burial or Cremation
The Form of Ceremony
Letting friends know
Funeral Stationery
Printed Order of Service
The Choice of Coffin
Dress and Jewellery
Alternative Hearses
Floral Tributes
Personal involvement
Expecting a larger gathering
Recording the Ceremony
Refreshments after the Funeral
Memories of the Funeral
Dove or Balloon releases

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