There are several reasons why it can be beneficial to know that specific wishes have been recorded. Sometimes there are no close relatives to look after the arrangements, or you may simply wish to ensure that your preferences are expressed.

It can certainly be a great comfort to the family to know that everything has been carried out in accordance with what you really wanted.

These are all good reasons to give the matter a little thought now. You may choose not to pre-pay for the funeral, and we are always available to meet anyone who simply wants to talk things over and perhaps give some general instructions. You can be sure of having the kind of funeral you would really like, rather than one that others think you may have wanted.


If you would like to record some of your wishes so that your family can refer to them when the need arises, please download the form and print this page to fill in the sections as appropriate. The page can then be kept with any other important documents you may have, and may well be of invaluable help to those responsible for your funeral arrangements, providing them with the comfort of knowing what you would have wished for.


My Wishes Form

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