Whilst not new, there has been a growing concern that funeral arrangements should be compatible with the general consideration for the environment.


It is the characteristics of the physical arrangements which govern how green a funeral is rather than any aspect of the spiritual ceremony. So, for example, there may be a Church service followed by interment or cremation, or simply a Humanist ceremony conducted at the graveside.

The Association of Green Funeral Directors has considered the factors which contribute towards a funeral being green. Ideally, there should be as little distance travelled as possible, and the burial of a bio-degradable coffin in a natural burial ground with a tree planted.

In reality it is slightly more complicated. Situated where we are, inevitably there is some distance to be travelled to the nearest natural burial grounds, and it may be greener to use one of our limousines than to have three couples travelling to the service in their own cars.

However, we can strive to make all factors as environmentally friendly as possible. Almost all of our coffins are biodegradable to a greater or lesser extent. It is not our practice to undertake embalming without good reasons, and flowers can be ordered without the use of oasis or wire in the design.

For those wishing to actively choose a greener funeral, we work in conjunction with award winning J C Atkinson & Son to offer ‘Greener Goodbyes’. This is a service which offers simple choices among a clear set of options to ensure a funeral with lower carbon emissions.

The service includes the choice of three types of coffin (cotton, willow, and pine), the opportunity to plant, sponsor or donate a tree, and also a community legacy to a green project in order to rebalance any carbon emissions and leave a social benefit.

If you would like full details of ‘Greener Goodbyes’ then please ask for our separate brochure.

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