Those we love live on in our hearts and minds, but many find it helpful to have something tangible on which to focus memories, and maybe a place to go to for a quiet time.

Although traditional forms such as stone plaques and headstones are often referred to, a memorial can take a variety of forms.

If the service was a burial, a memorial on the grave may well be the next step. Similarly there are memorial stones and plaques which can be used if cremated remains have been buried or scattered. Other more natural forms, such as park benches, bird boxes, jewellery, sundials or even garden planters can all fulfil the desire to mark the passing of one we love.

We will gladly help you to achieve your wishes, working closely with local craftsmen if appropriate and assisting with all aspects of the planning of a suitable reminder.


  • Headstones, Plaques and Vases
  • Urns for retaining cremated remains
  • Sundials or garden planters
  • Jewellery formed from ashes
  • A park bench or countryside stile
  • Book of rememberance
  • Online memorials

quotes_startThank you for all the kindness and support shown to the family and for your special contribution to the celebration of Ron’s life.quotes_end